Taking it to the Hoop

26 Feb

Sometimes you just have to throw your home decorating pride aside and embrace fun+ction. In this case, it didn’t take much to convince me.

We’ve had an empty spot in our TV room behind our sectional. I envisioned a glorious air hockey table here, but I wanted to steer clear of plastic. After more than a year of Craigslist hunting, I gave up on my dreams of a weighty retro table and we’re now the owners of this baby:


We bought a ginormously tacky electronic basketball game  for $10 bucks!!!! No, we aren’t frat brothers and no, we don’t have children. We just like fun things.

We removed the nets because the balls get stuck. Yes, we are that hardcore. Dalaney keeps trying to force technique and form on me, but so far I just thrust the balls and, surprisingly, I am a force to be reckoned with!!

DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

21 Feb

After hours and hours of designing industrial wall shelving units in our minds, we finally executed the perfect industrial pipe bookshelf.


This unfortunate picture is relevant because it portrays the empty wall where the pipe bookshelf is now installed. Hello and goodbye boring, vast wall.


We relied on a tutorial written by Brick House. She is a design guru!! I’ve compiled some of the tips and tricks we learned along the way.

We found the best prices on Amazon for the flanges. For example, flanges at Home Depot were and $4.54, but sell for  a $1 on Amazon.  Also, to save money consider buying the longest pipes available and have the hardware store cut and thread each pipe. We found that Home Depot sold the cheapest Ts and elbows.

If you are trying to decrease your costs, buy the black pipes instead of galvanized. Ultimately, we spray painted all our joints black because we wanted an industrial vibe.


After diagramming how many pipes and joints are needed, the hardest part is the preparation. All of the pieces had the barcode taped around them, so I had to remove each label. It is also essential that you degrease each piece or the bookshelf will rust. I put my bathing suit on, submerged all the pieces in my bathtub, and scrubbed away with dish soap.


Don’t forget that shelves, like any other span, will sag under weight. Check the sagulator calculator for the expected sag visible to the naked eye. We chose 12 inches between the shelves and 18 inches from the top and bottom.


A lot of the tutorials I’ve read use oak or walnut, but we opted for the less expensive pine. Typically, pine does stain splotchy so be sure to use a pre-stain. With the dark walnut stain, it looks like a million bucks!

Our bookshelf sits on the hardwood, but isn’t installed into the floor. Essentially, any renter could replicate the shelf with no damage to the floor. We were hesitant at first about its sturdiness, but this thing is rock solid.

And here she is…all styled up. It is the perfect way for us to display our grim law school books with flair. The bookshelf and its height completely change the vibe of the room.




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A Recap of Hannah and Dalaney’s 2012

27 Jan

So, obviously I’m a little late to the 2012 reflection party, but I figure it is never too late to record memories. 2012, you were good to us!!

January: Dalaney and I started our 2nd semester of law school. We knew what to expect and our brains were more wrinkly than ever.

February: My grandparents returned from doing two years of missionary work in Santiago, Chile. We welcomed them home with many wide open arms and sloppy kisses.

We celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans with Crystal, Scott, and Becca. We stayed at the Abels where they treated us like royalty. Oh, and Dalaney had a mustache. Unfortunately, on our way home to Oxford, we got into a car wreck on the interstate. As luck would have it I was driving, so this definitely decreased my street cred.photo2

March: We were grateful to be former BYU students because we were finally granted the holy week of spring break. The Boovers (sans Hilton) came to visit. We watched like 3 movies a day, ate Roclette, and gave them the grand tour of Oxford. We also realized that spring break is never complete without the beach,  so we crashed my parents stay at their new beach house in Gulf Shores.

We visited Dalaney’s brother’s family in Arkansas and attended our nephew’s baptism.

April: Finals time round 2, meaning we rarely left the house.

May: Dalaney turned 28! His birthday fell on one of our exam days, so it was pretty depressing.

We officially completed our first year of law school!

To ring in the summer, we went back to Gulf Shores with my family half the week, and Crystal, Scott, and Becca the second half of the week. I attempted to recreate Cafe Rio pork burritos. We spent the remainder of the month basically doing nothing but sleeping in and watching seasons 1-4 of Breaking Bad.

June: We spent a week with Jeannie, Alecia, Janeece, and Mykelle in NOLA. We went on a swamp tour, visited the WWII museum, cruised the Mississippi river on a steamboat, attended a Cajun cooking class, and went to Ship Island.


My mom visited and helped us work on the house. We celebrated her day of birth at our favorite restaurant, Ajax.

We retreated to Duchesne to start legal internships with the county prosecutor.

July: I took on the role of Mother Teresa to three fluffy kittens whose mother was brutally slaughtered by Duchesne Animal Control. They were feral little rats and transformed into the cutest, sweetest cats in the whole wide world. I’ve never known a cat to get cuter with age, but mine do it everyday.


We attended the Mecham family reunion in Heber, UT, where we completed a ropes course and ate amazing food, including their famous Navajo tacos.

I threw the world’s biggest, bestest bacon party in hopes of winning $10k and Super Bowl tickets. It was rigged.


August: We left Duchesne, but not before Dalaney completed a start (think studs, no plumbing) to finish renovation of his parent’s basement bathroom. I wish I had quick access to a picture of that because it was quite impressive. We returned to Oxford with our two kittens in tow. Oh, and I had bangs.


We started a kitchen renovation, started being the key word. Here is a before shot of our galley kitchen from the MLS.


My mom helped us and in only three short days we painted our kitchen  and laundry room walls, painted trim, primed and painted the cabinets, installed new hardware, finished painting our grimy cream doors,  installed a new bathroom vanity, and a number of other upkeeps. I should show you, but alas, I’m too lazy to upload it.

We rented our house for the first time. We bought our first flat screen TV and enrolled in cable+DVR! Basically, we entered the 21st century and our lives are made greater for it.

While our house was rented, we visited Hattiesburg and Gulf Shores before returning to school as 2Ls.

Dalaney finally looked at his spring semester grades and realized he actually raped his classes.

I celebrated my 24th birthday, and my family and grandparents visited for a fabulous weekend.

September: We took a weekend trip to Atlanta with the sole purpose of riding roller coasters from sunrise to sunset at Six Flags and buying homegoods at Ikea. Our main purchase was new butcher-block countertops which we have yet to install 😦 (we’re waiting on the purchase of a new oven). We also went to the Coke headquarters where we sampled multiple international drink flavors.


October: We spent the weekend with my Grandpa Bob in Tupelo.

We went to Atlanta, again, this time with my parents. The boys went to the BYU v. Georgia Tech game, and my mom and I got lost and shopped. Much to my surprise, we all successfully hiked Stone Mountain and survived.


November: We drove across country to Utah for Thanksgiving. I got to see my adorably pregnant BFF Dani for the first time in over a year.


December: We completed our 3rd round of finals, hitting our 1/2 way mark of law school! We spent a week at Disney World with my family and Christmas in Hattiesburg.




I hesitated to pay our bills in anticipation of the end of the world. The world’s demise didn’t occur, so we reluctantly paid the bills.

I was a bridesmaid at my adorable cousin Lindsey’s beautiful wedding.

Finally, we rang in the New Year with half of our favorite people!!! I frenched like 8 people, but that story probably belongs to 2013.

A post I found written, but never shared…

27 Jan

We celebrated Halloween pretty low key this year. After trick or treaters optimize the risk versus the reward of hiking up our lengthy driveway, the idea of visiting our house is quickly axed. In other words, we’ve never had one trick or treater.

As far as decorating, I found these iconic feather wings and decided they looked spooky on all my chairs.

Since we’ve determined Halloween is a drag without having any children to exploit for candy, we knew we had to dress the cats up.

“I can haz a hawt dawg?”

Jess hated every moment of her pumpkin get-up.You can really get a feel for her enthusiasm from this picture. The pictures are blurry because she kept bolting.

I leave you with my first ever meme. Enjoy!

5 Nov

We’ve been out of town for the past four weekends, so it was nice to finally unload our DVR, sleep in, and relax in Oxford. On Saturday, we hit up Home Depot and gave our yard a tiny dose of TLC.

Our yard is so neglected, so I’m sure the neighbors were surprised to see us blowing the leaves mid-season.

Speaking of neglectful neighbors, we officially live near bona fide hoarders.

After all these years, it appears someone near and dear to this retired couple has finally intervened because rent-a-dumps and boxes line the yard.

I imagine the filth has consumed every surface and reached a maximum height (the ceiling…) because they now have their table on the front porch where they eat their take-out.


We’ve even seen workers leaving the home wearing industrial gas masks. Bless their hearts! I’m just waiting for TLC’s Buried Alive camera crews to show up.

It’s refreshing to know that we definitely won’t be bestowed with the neighborhood’s “worst yard” title. At least until next year…

PS. Aunt Beth, the hoarders live in the yard where you crashed. No wonder they never noticed the bedazzled cross placed at the scene in your honor.

Exclusive Look

1 Nov

Many moons ago, I created a Pinterest board entitled “Future Furry Friends.” In the way other girls catch baby fever, I was sick with a furry friend fever. It’s been a long time coming, but I can proudly say that I am now the rightful guardian of not one, but TWO painstakingly adorable cattens.

While still nursing, their mother was brutally murdered by Duchesne County Animal Control. After rescuing them from a sad life of constant hunger and fear, they have transformed from feral feline freaks to domesticated darlings.

When naming the cats, I chose to valiantly commemorate two young women whose influence have made me a better woman….

Meet Gabby. Named after my hero, the honorable Gold-medal touting gymnast, Gabby Douglas. Ironically, my Gabby is white. She loves eating, eating, and more eating.

Meet Jess. Named after one of my favorite TV show characters (Zoe Deschennal on New Girl). We also call her coon kitty.

I was going to contact People magazine to sell their exclusive picture rights, but instead decided to debut their first glance to you, my loyal reader.

Oh, hello there.

5 Sep

Hello! After a lengthy summer hiatus from blogging, Oxford, Grey’s Anatomy, Vespa riding, and law school, I have returned.

After signing in to my WordPress account, I was surprised to learn two things.

Bad news first: According to a neglected, non-viewed comment, I won a Shabby Apple gift card blog giveaway. But of course, the comment was written in May..

The good news is that there are a handful of angelic souls who occasionally refer to my blog via commonly searched phrases such as “free mustache printables” or “law school finals.”  I just assume the views originate from under-paid Indians posing as American housewives trying to teach me how they earn $25,000 in one month while working from home. That happened a lot on my former “single-life” blog.

My brain has yet to explode, yippee.

4 May

Are you wondering if you’ll ever get to see the rest of my house tour? Yes. Yes, you will.

I haven’t forgotten, and I’m not hiding it from you.

Some of the current obstacles are filth, filth, and more filth. Finals happen, and it’s like a nuclear meltdown over here. Any healthy habits/routines we may  establish during the semester (think stacking dirty dishes, doing laundry, showering, or picking clementine skins off the table) pretty much dissolve into thin air.

Another reason I haven’t posted is because I struggle with lighting and angles. I need some solid camera skills.

I’ll admit, I am embarrassed by two things: my bed lacks a headboard and  my guest bed is just a mattress on the floor. A memory foam mattress, might you have. I’m just too prideful to show a bedroom with a bed lacking any beauty.

Dalaney got a jigsaw for Christmas, and I have a headboard design in mind. Think Don & Betty’s velvet, tufted headboard in Mad Men.

And just so you’re not too concerned about our drab existence, we do have pretty bedding. It’s the Echo Jaipur king bedding set which I bought at Treasure Hunt for $50. I felt validated because the next month Young House Love featured the bedding on their “things we dig” sidebar. Plus, it normally costs $200.

Can I just reiterate that pictures do not do this comforter justice?

In person,  the colors are much more vibrant. I typically steer clear of anything associated with the color red, but this bedding makes me question everything I’ve ever believed. And it turns out, to any fellow red skeptics out there, it’s all a lie. Red is more than just the color of blood. Just don’t get me near maroon or burgundy. Ew.

Here’s a shot of Dalaney and I before bedtime.

Actually, I just found the picture online because apparently our bedding made a special appearance on an ABC sitcom which debuts this fall. YHL and ABC??! We’re basically famous.

So, yes, I commit to posting actual DIYs and finishing posting pictures of my  in-progress house. The only thing standing in the way are two more finals (yay, half-way done!!).  Also, this summer I am devoting myself to transforming my ugly kitchen into a pretty little thing for under $1,000. And in 10 days, I’ll be relaxing at the beach!! There is a light at the end of this winding law school tunnel..


Things that Keep Me “Sane” During Finals

28 Apr

Well, finals season is here again.

Here are some of the things that I’ve come to rely on for inspiration, motivation, and pure lustification. AKA the finer things of life.

These pretty pinatas from Confetti Systems make me want to redo my entire wedding using only confetti, metallics, sequins, and mylar pinatas. I would require all my guests to adhere to a strict dress code of all of the above.

These beauties encourage me to study harder because I tell myself, “Hannah, if you don’t memorize all 47 pages of class outline, 300 note cards, and 15 pages of graphs for Constitutional Law, you’ll never be rich enough to spend $150 on a gold, diamond pinata filled with confetti.”

Who doesn’t want to make mini-waffle furniture molds? I warned my mom last semester that if I wasn’t in law school, I could envision myself building a custom mid-century modern doll house. It scared both of us, so I haven’t brought it up since. But then Pinterest goes and flaunts these mini molds and the  small corner of my brain that wants to create a doll house floods into the entirety of my brain reserved for memorizing substantive due process and Commerce Clause scenarios. Um, can you say mid-century modern EDIBLE doll house?

And lastly, I am on a mission to collect every animal print blouse ever manufactured. I have to specify “blouse” because they must exude a higher level of maturity than any plain ole’ playful character tee. So, animal=animal silhouette. Gotta keep it classy.

Here’s what I mean:

Elephant print  blouse via ASOS.

Dog print blouse via Old Navy.

Horse print blouse via South Moon Under.

If you’re’ thinking, “WOW, all these blouses look the same” you might be right. But I don’t care!!!

The formula for these shirts= chiffon, silk, or polyester+ironic animal+ repeat ironic animal silhouette across entire fabric + vary color.

To even locate these shirts, all I did was think of  cutesy animal (ie: elephant) and type “elephant print blouse” or “horse print blouse.”

So far, I own a cat print and a swan print.

If someone offered me the choice between a 4.0 this semester or the opportunity to wear a new animal print blouse every day for as long as I so please, I might just take the animal print.

Without an Instaprint, My Future is Bleak & Meaningless

17 Apr

I was almost $400 poorer yesterday when I came this close to ordering an Instaprint. Have you seen these?  If not, fasten your diapers.

Instaprint attaches to the wall, connects to WiFi, and allows any Instagram users to print their pictures on site. It also creates an online gallery of all the Instagram pictures taken and printed at the party.

Since we already have a photo booth rental business, the Instaprint is the perfect addition to our repertoire. I haven’t ordered one though because the company is a start-up and they’re trying to earn $500k to develop and fund the project through KickStarter. They estimate the ink and paper will be sold on Amazon for $12 for 30 sheets. So, .40c/print.

If we rented the Instaprint at parties for $150hr and 60 prints are taken, it would cost $24 in supplies. But, in reality, the ink could end up costing more and you don’t receive your kit until approximately September. It would also be important to know how fast it prints, so you can maximize paper and ink. Plus, I wish it had the capability for party goers to pay per photo printed.

Should I pledge $399 and order the Instaprint? Or do you think I should wait because it could be cheaper once they mass produce it? Or do you think it will go up in price once they have a market? If they don’t earn $500k in pledges, the project won’t even happen. Another thing to consider is that Facebook just bought Instagram for one.freaking.billion.dollars. and that could change things.

On another note, Dalaney and I realized we have a million photo strips of other people, but we don’t have any decent strips of ourselves. We only take photo strips when we’re setting up the booth so there might be a hand adjusting the camera angle, one person standing, or we are just plain pissed at each other.

So, we have a new tradition: take a photo booth strip every Sunday. And at the end of the year, I am going to make a giant photo strip collage art piece and order one of those cute memory photo books.

Here is this week’s photo strip:

NGood Night 🙂