Top reasons I’ve decided to blog

16 Feb

1. How else am I ever going to become BBFFs with all my favorite bloggers if they’re never able to see how awesome I truly am? Post comments just aren’t cutting it. And let’s be honest, I really only lurk.

2. Because my family and friends asked for it. Throwing caution to the wind, I’ve decided to hold my head high and repeat, “gosh darn it, {some} people like me.”

3. To motivate myself to pin less, do more.

4. Fame and notoriety.
5. For my future generations who will be saddened to discover that I’m lousy at writing in a real life journal. I spend all day either looking at a book, a white board, a television, or a computer screen. So, I might as well spend more of that time online wisely.
6. And last but not least, it will lead me one step closer to becoming a viral YouTube sensation.

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