Put A Flower On It

5 Mar

I am going to post before-shots, the progress we’ve made, and our future plans for each room in the house. We’ll start with the outside. Unlike the rest of the house, the exterior has actually degressed since we took possession. Sad, huh?

Here are the two MLS exterior pictures. In the future (this summer or next..), we plan on painting the trim, painting the siding, painting the brick, pasinting the stone, replacing some fascia since we have a vicious woodpecker who has pecked holes in search of insect larva (no termites…)+mold, removing dead trees, and planting pretty flowers.

The door is perpendicular with the house. That deck is off of the bonus room and office (both additions) which look out to the swimming pool. Since I know nothing about gardening and/or landscape, I feel overwhelmed by the exterior. I just want something simple and good looking. Nothing fancy. I know fresh paint and modernize the exterior. I mean, just painting that ugly brown trim white will make a huge difference.


One Response to “Put A Flower On It”

  1. Jeannie March 10, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    once you dig the house out of the leaves, you will be surprised how much more house you have! Maybe you could burn the leaves, that is what we do here! lol

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