Moodboard Monday: Inspired by Mad Men Don Draper’s Apartment

16 Apr

Who isn’t inspired by AMC”s hit drama, Mad Men ? The storyline, the dialogue, the clothes, and the furniture are all swoon worthy. After a 1.5 yearlong hiatus, Mad Men is back and is turning heads again.

I mean, you know you’re a big deal when Mattel manufactures your character into a bonafide Barbie. Even if they do do a crappy job of making you look 1/10th as beautiful as you actually are.

Roger looks like a young Steve Martin. Don looks like a fresh-faced Mormon missionary, which he is the antitheses of. Plus, neither men would ever wear anything so bulky and unflattering. And please, get Joan’s measurements right. Her chesticles are four times that size. I think really, when it comes right down to it,  I’m just bitter Peggy isn’t there. Little girls all across America need their very own Peggy Barbie doll!! Please don’t deny them that.

But anyways, about the Draper’s new apartment:

Often, the sets are described as characters themselves because so much time is spent achieving a hip, historically accurate set. Now that Don and Megan are hitched and the show has returned, we’ve been exposed to their new swanky downtown penthouse apartment, the emphasis of today’s moodboard inspiration.

1. Mid Century Modern Wall Clock 2. Black Beige Grasscloth Wallpaper at Interior Place 3. Vintage Brass Sputnik Chandelier 4. Abstract Oil Painting by Schiller dated 196 5. Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman 6. Taylor L Shape Sectional at Thrive Home Furnishings 7. Kilim Pillows by Suzani at Etsy 8. Mid Century Carved Teak Lamps 9. Boom Metro Coffee Table

I have a running mental tab of everything I want to buy when I graduate law school. It deserves a whole post in itself. ASAP. Just know, that Eames lounge chair and ottoman ranks near the top. I’m not a black leather fan, but I would sell my baby brother for one of these any day. Try me, he’s really cute and all, but really, an Eames lounger? I’ll throw in my Dalaney for the camel leather one.

Also, if you’ve never been to Thrive Furniture, they sell the most gorgeous mid-century modern furniture. You’ll probably notice me refer to the sectionals many more times. I lust after the all their couches which are available in almost every angular shape and color. But if you order any color besides lush turquoise, you’re crazy stupid.


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