5 Nov

We’ve been out of town for the past four weekends, so it was nice to finally unload our DVR, sleep in, and relax in Oxford. On Saturday, we hit up Home Depot and gave our yard a tiny dose of TLC.

Our yard is so neglected, so I’m sure the neighbors were surprised to see us blowing the leaves mid-season.

Speaking of neglectful neighbors, we officially live near bona fide hoarders.

After all these years, it appears someone near and dear to this retired couple has finally intervened because rent-a-dumps and boxes line the yard.

I imagine the filth has consumed every surface and reached a maximum height (the ceiling…) because they now have their table on the front porch where they eat their take-out.


We’ve even seen workers leaving the home wearing industrial gas masks. Bless their hearts! I’m just waiting for TLC’s Buried Alive camera crews to show up.

It’s refreshing to know that we definitely won’t be bestowed with the neighborhood’s “worst yard” title. At least until next year…

PS. Aunt Beth, the hoarders live in the yard where you crashed. No wonder they never noticed the bedazzled cross placed at the scene in your honor.

2 Responses to “”

  1. Jenny at 8:47 am #

    As usual, you made me smile. Let me know if TLC does show up! Thank heavens they are not pet hoarders…….I miss you!!!

  2. lorinabinning at 10:46 am #

    Can you please blog more? I love your blog posts.

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