A post I found written, but never shared…

27 Jan

We celebrated Halloween pretty low key this year. After trick or treaters optimize the risk versus the reward of hiking up our lengthy driveway, the idea of visiting our house is quickly axed. In other words, we’ve never had one trick or treater.

As far as decorating, I found these iconic feather wings and decided they looked spooky on all my chairs.

Since we’ve determined Halloween is a drag without having any children to exploit for candy, we knew we had to dress the cats up.

“I can haz a hawt dawg?”

Jess hated every moment of her pumpkin get-up.You can really get a feel for her enthusiasm from this picture. The pictures are blurry because she kept bolting.

I leave you with my first ever meme. Enjoy!

One Response to “A post I found written, but never shared…”

  1. Crystal January 27, 2013 at 5:29 pm #

    Um love that you dressed up your kitties!!!!

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