A Recap of Hannah and Dalaney’s 2012

27 Jan

So, obviously I’m a little late to the 2012 reflection party, but I figure it is never too late to record memories. 2012, you were good to us!!

January: Dalaney and I started our 2nd semester of law school. We knew what to expect and our brains were more wrinkly than ever.

February: My grandparents returned from doing two years of missionary work in Santiago, Chile. We welcomed them home with many wide open arms and sloppy kisses.

We celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans with Crystal, Scott, and Becca. We stayed at the Abels where they treated us like royalty. Oh, and Dalaney had a mustache. Unfortunately, on our way home to Oxford, we got into a car wreck on the interstate. As luck would have it I was driving, so this definitely decreased my street cred.photo2

March: We were grateful to be former BYU students because we were finally granted the holy week of spring break. The Boovers (sans Hilton) came to visit. We watched like 3 movies a day, ate Roclette, and gave them the grand tour of Oxford. We also realized that spring break is never complete without the beach,  so we crashed my parents stay at their new beach house in Gulf Shores.

We visited Dalaney’s brother’s family in Arkansas and attended our nephew’s baptism.

April: Finals time round 2, meaning we rarely left the house.

May: Dalaney turned 28! His birthday fell on one of our exam days, so it was pretty depressing.

We officially completed our first year of law school!

To ring in the summer, we went back to Gulf Shores with my family half the week, and Crystal, Scott, and Becca the second half of the week. I attempted to recreate Cafe Rio pork burritos. We spent the remainder of the month basically doing nothing but sleeping in and watching seasons 1-4 of Breaking Bad.

June: We spent a week with Jeannie, Alecia, Janeece, and Mykelle in NOLA. We went on a swamp tour, visited the WWII museum, cruised the Mississippi river on a steamboat, attended a Cajun cooking class, and went to Ship Island.


My mom visited and helped us work on the house. We celebrated her day of birth at our favorite restaurant, Ajax.

We retreated to Duchesne to start legal internships with the county prosecutor.

July: I took on the role of Mother Teresa to three fluffy kittens whose mother was brutally slaughtered by Duchesne Animal Control. They were feral little rats and transformed into the cutest, sweetest cats in the whole wide world. I’ve never known a cat to get cuter with age, but mine do it everyday.


We attended the Mecham family reunion in Heber, UT, where we completed a ropes course and ate amazing food, including their famous Navajo tacos.

I threw the world’s biggest, bestest bacon party in hopes of winning $10k and Super Bowl tickets. It was rigged.


August: We left Duchesne, but not before Dalaney completed a start (think studs, no plumbing) to finish renovation of his parent’s basement bathroom. I wish I had quick access to a picture of that because it was quite impressive. We returned to Oxford with our two kittens in tow. Oh, and I had bangs.


We started a kitchen renovation, started being the key word. Here is a before shot of our galley kitchen from the MLS.


My mom helped us and in only three short days we painted our kitchen  and laundry room walls, painted trim, primed and painted the cabinets, installed new hardware, finished painting our grimy cream doors,  installed a new bathroom vanity, and a number of other upkeeps. I should show you, but alas, I’m too lazy to upload it.

We rented our house for the first time. We bought our first flat screen TV and enrolled in cable+DVR! Basically, we entered the 21st century and our lives are made greater for it.

While our house was rented, we visited Hattiesburg and Gulf Shores before returning to school as 2Ls.

Dalaney finally looked at his spring semester grades and realized he actually raped his classes.

I celebrated my 24th birthday, and my family and grandparents visited for a fabulous weekend.

September: We took a weekend trip to Atlanta with the sole purpose of riding roller coasters from sunrise to sunset at Six Flags and buying homegoods at Ikea. Our main purchase was new butcher-block countertops which we have yet to install 😦 (we’re waiting on the purchase of a new oven). We also went to the Coke headquarters where we sampled multiple international drink flavors.


October: We spent the weekend with my Grandpa Bob in Tupelo.

We went to Atlanta, again, this time with my parents. The boys went to the BYU v. Georgia Tech game, and my mom and I got lost and shopped. Much to my surprise, we all successfully hiked Stone Mountain and survived.


November: We drove across country to Utah for Thanksgiving. I got to see my adorably pregnant BFF Dani for the first time in over a year.


December: We completed our 3rd round of finals, hitting our 1/2 way mark of law school! We spent a week at Disney World with my family and Christmas in Hattiesburg.




I hesitated to pay our bills in anticipation of the end of the world. The world’s demise didn’t occur, so we reluctantly paid the bills.

I was a bridesmaid at my adorable cousin Lindsey’s beautiful wedding.

Finally, we rang in the New Year with half of our favorite people!!! I frenched like 8 people, but that story probably belongs to 2013.

3 Responses to “A Recap of Hannah and Dalaney’s 2012”

  1. Nicole January 27, 2013 at 6:36 pm #

    This is a great year-in-review post! Congrats on successfully completing a year of law school, your brain is much more wrinkly than mine. HA! Kudos for saving the kittens, they are definitely adorable and little bundles of fur blessings. Happy 2013 ….. make it great! 🙂

  2. Becca January 27, 2013 at 6:53 pm #

    I notice I am mentioned anytime crystal and Scott are. Sounds like I am obsessed with them… But who wouldn’t be?

    Also I think I was one of the lucky ones that you frenched… Woo!

  3. dani :) January 28, 2013 at 1:12 pm #

    “I frenched like 8 people, but that story probably belongs to 2013.” you, hannah mecham, are a classy lady. aaand i love that picture of us and am totally stealing it. consider it done.

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