DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

21 Feb

After hours and hours of designing industrial wall shelving units in our minds, we finally executed the perfect industrial pipe bookshelf.


This unfortunate picture is relevant because it portrays the empty wall where the pipe bookshelf is now installed. Hello and goodbye boring, vast wall.


We relied on a tutorial written by Brick House. She is a design guru!! I’ve compiled some of the tips and tricks we learned along the way.

We found the best prices on Amazon for the flanges. For example, flanges at Home Depot were and $4.54, but sell for  a $1 on Amazon.  Also, to save money consider buying the longest pipes available and have the hardware store cut and thread each pipe. We found that Home Depot sold the cheapest Ts and elbows.

If you are trying to decrease your costs, buy the black pipes instead of galvanized. Ultimately, we spray painted all our joints black because we wanted an industrial vibe.


After diagramming how many pipes and joints are needed, the hardest part is the preparation. All of the pieces had the barcode taped around them, so I had to remove each label. It is also essential that you degrease each piece or the bookshelf will rust. I put my bathing suit on, submerged all the pieces in my bathtub, and scrubbed away with dish soap.


Don’t forget that shelves, like any other span, will sag under weight. Check the sagulator calculator for the expected sag visible to the naked eye. We chose 12 inches between the shelves and 18 inches from the top and bottom.


A lot of the tutorials I’ve read use oak or walnut, but we opted for the less expensive pine. Typically, pine does stain splotchy so be sure to use a pre-stain. With the dark walnut stain, it looks like a million bucks!

Our bookshelf sits on the hardwood, but isn’t installed into the floor. Essentially, any renter could replicate the shelf with no damage to the floor. We were hesitant at first about its sturdiness, but this thing is rock solid.

And here she is…all styled up. It is the perfect way for us to display our grim law school books with flair. The bookshelf and its height completely change the vibe of the room.




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4 Responses to “DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf”

  1. dani :) at 2:03 am #

    your home decorating skills make me feel quite inadequate. at first i thought this was something you found online (pinterest, perhaps?) that you were thinking about doing. but no, you did it yourself. seriously impressive.

    ps: i think you guys should have a baby so we can match. yes? okay good, let me know how it goes.

  2. dani :) at 2:04 am #

    pss: i’m pinteresting this business. it’s just too good not to.

  3. Jen at 8:24 pm #

    I love the bookshelves and the word flanges!!! But I love you most HB!

  4. lorinabinning at 1:57 am #

    Raw talent. Amazed!

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