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Peek Inside my Window: Office Before/After Pt.1

6 Mar

When it comes to home decor, I admit, I’m a total hoarder. And really, it’s the only way when you’re on a limited budget. And picky.

Over Christmas break, we finally gave the 3rd bedroom a purpose. Since we moved in, it’s only function has been storage. Basically, where all the hoarding has gone down. Luckily, it is an addition to the original house and the past homeowners installed wood floors. We totally owe them.

Because of the wood floors, it’s the room I’ve whimsically labeled “future nursery.”

But for now, I knew we needed a calm retreat for studying manslaughter, the parol evidence rule, and product liability.

Here is the MLS picture.

We’re terrible at taking “”before” shots. I wish you could see how unruly this room had become. But you can’t. Now my clutter is only a distant memory. But really it seems like its just moved to the guest room.

Anyways, this purple color was not going to work. In real life, the floors have a lot less orange/red tone to them. And the picture doesn’t even begin to portray how horrible the trim was. It looks normal here, but the whole house had grungy bisque trim. Ew.

Here is a picture I took of the awkward set-up before painting.

I was convinced that I wanted my desk on its own wall. But alas, the room is not big enough. Of all the things we’ve done thus far, the desk placement is the one thing that made me hyperventilate. Not paint colors, or carpet patterns, couches, or even picking this specific house. The only reason I even have any pictures of this stage is because I was sending them to my mom, pleading for her advice.

My entire approach has been:

1. Look for idea/thing I love.

2. Find idea/thing that I love.

3. Do idea/thing that I love.

So, pretty straightforward. But I wasn’t functioning when it came to deciding where to situate the desks. Ultimately, Dalaney and my mom vetoed my idea, and I came to my senses. The Desk Gods screamed in my ear, “they belong on one wall. Across from the futon.” So I listened because one can never deny the Desk Gods. And boy, am I glad I did. For that split moment, all was right with the world.

The Hanging Lamp Trend

16 Feb

Have you caught on to the hanging floor lamp trend? Because I certainly have. These mid-century modern beauties have stolen my heart.

I can just envision myself lounging on that teal velvet sofa reciting poetry. And I don’t even like poetry. But that light…so beautiful+practical.

The combination of exposed brick and modern light  allow the room to achieve the perfect loft look. Plus so much added height!

The stainless light plays perfectly off the chair legs.

And now I am the proud owner of Target’s Home Arc Floor Lamp.

We paid $7 while salvage shopping in Hattiesburg this weekend. My plan is to spray paint her gold.

Don’t you think she’ll pop against the dark blue walls?