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My brain has yet to explode, yippee.

4 May

Are you wondering if you’ll ever get to see the rest of my house tour? Yes. Yes, you will.

I haven’t forgotten, and I’m not hiding it from you.

Some of the current obstacles are filth, filth, and more filth. Finals happen, and it’s like a nuclear meltdown over here. Any healthy habits/routines we may  establish during the semester (think stacking dirty dishes, doing laundry, showering, or picking clementine skins off the table) pretty much dissolve into thin air.

Another reason I haven’t posted is because I struggle with lighting and angles. I need some solid camera skills.

I’ll admit, I am embarrassed by two things: my bed lacks a headboard and  my guest bed is just a mattress on the floor. A memory foam mattress, might you have. I’m just too prideful to show a bedroom with a bed lacking any beauty.

Dalaney got a jigsaw for Christmas, and I have a headboard design in mind. Think Don & Betty’s velvet, tufted headboard in Mad Men.

And just so you’re not too concerned about our drab existence, we do have pretty bedding. It’s the Echo Jaipur king bedding set which I bought at Treasure Hunt for $50. I felt validated because the next month Young House Love featured the bedding on their “things we dig” sidebar. Plus, it normally costs $200.

Can I just reiterate that pictures do not do this comforter justice?

In person,  the colors are much more vibrant. I typically steer clear of anything associated with the color red, but this bedding makes me question everything I’ve ever believed. And it turns out, to any fellow red skeptics out there, it’s all a lie. Red is more than just the color of blood. Just don’t get me near maroon or burgundy. Ew.

Here’s a shot of Dalaney and I before bedtime.

Actually, I just found the picture online because apparently our bedding made a special appearance on an ABC sitcom which debuts this fall. YHL and ABC??! We’re basically famous.

So, yes, I commit to posting actual DIYs and finishing posting pictures of my  in-progress house. The only thing standing in the way are two more finals (yay, half-way done!!).  Also, this summer I am devoting myself to transforming my ugly kitchen into a pretty little thing for under $1,000. And in 10 days, I’ll be relaxing at the beach!! There is a light at the end of this winding law school tunnel..


You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Grow It

11 Apr

Physical evidence of the mustache. Just so you can understand. And no, despite what it may look like, I didn’t draw that hat on. He is truly wearing it. Word to your mother.

Hoppy Easter

9 Apr

Happy Easter!

We were out of school on Friday so we ran away to Hattiesburg for the weekend. We shopped, swam, watched movies, and decorated/stuffed/hid/ate eggs. I might have eaten more candy this weekend than one should reasonably allocate for an entire year.

The Easter Bunny (creepster) even broke into my mom’s house and pooped these out for us.

I told my mom that my childhood dream revolved around receiving a name-brand chocolate bunny. Well, childhood dreams really can come true.  At age 23, I was the lucky recipient of a solid, luxury Lindt bunny encased in gold leafing. And don’t panic, there were lots of Cadbury creme eggs along the bottom.

Hope you had a magical Easter!

Well, that was embarassing.

28 Mar

In my first effort to shamelessly promote my presence in the blogosphere, I wrote my first and only comment on a strangers post. And inevitably, I humiliated myself.

Investing little thought into a complex, strategically executed “publicity” scheme, I logged into my blog, read a catchy headline featured on WordPress’s homepage, followed the link to SweetMotherLover, read a witty post, and redirected myself to the “about” section.

My brain started racing.

“Maybe this is man is my BFF internet soul mate. We will shamelessly validate and flatter each other with daily comments, links, and inside jokes.”

After reading further, I realized he was a she. So, instead of writing anything endearing, I wrote…

“Interestingly enough, I assumed you were a male from your writing until reading your “about.” Hm….Don’t analyze too much into that, but it did catch me off guard! Hope you get that book deal :)”

You’re probably thinking, why, oh why??? Well, I am too.

After I submitted it, I read over it and laughed hysterically. Who would write that?? Concerned with my subconscious gender stereotyping, I did some backtracking to understand why I assumed SML was male. Was it her aggressive, yet stoic satire? I worried that I had innately correlated intelligent writing and offhand humor with the male sex.

And then I caught it. She kept referring to “wifey.”

Turns out SML is a lesbian.

I am officially a monster.