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Eli Manning Sighted in His Superbowl Corvette at Walmart

12 Apr

Yesterday, in the parking lot of Walmart we spotted Eli Manning in his 2012 Grand Sport Corvette won at the SuperBowl.  He and his wife met at Ole Miss and live here during the off-season.

His wife was standing next to us in the 20-item or less line. I noticed her because she had a lot more than 20 items and was wearing really stylish, cropped pink skinnies.  We parked the scooter in front of the store, so when we were pulling out, Dalaney spotted Eli who had pulled up to the door with his window down and a darling puppy in the passenger seat. He popped the trunk and his wife loaded the groceries.

So, yes, even Superbowl MVP’s shop at Walmart.

We speculate that he enviously eyed our Vespa so much that he’s planning on buying one and joining our Vespa gang.