Moodboard Monday: Inspired by Mad Men Don Draper’s Apartment

16 Apr

Who isn’t inspired by AMC”s hit drama, Mad Men ? The storyline, the dialogue, the clothes, and the furniture are all swoon worthy. After a 1.5 yearlong hiatus, Mad Men is back and is turning heads again.

I mean, you know you’re a big deal when Mattel manufactures your character into a bonafide Barbie. Even if they do do a crappy job of making you look 1/10th as beautiful as you actually are.

Roger looks like a young Steve Martin. Don looks like a fresh-faced Mormon missionary, which he is the antitheses of. Plus, neither men would ever wear anything so bulky and unflattering. And please, get Joan’s measurements right. Her chesticles are four times that size. I think really, when it comes right down to it,  I’m just bitter Peggy isn’t there. Little girls all across America need their very own Peggy Barbie doll!! Please don’t deny them that.

But anyways, about the Draper’s new apartment:

Often, the sets are described as characters themselves because so much time is spent achieving a hip, historically accurate set. Now that Don and Megan are hitched and the show has returned, we’ve been exposed to their new swanky downtown penthouse apartment, the emphasis of today’s moodboard inspiration.

1. Mid Century Modern Wall Clock 2. Black Beige Grasscloth Wallpaper at Interior Place 3. Vintage Brass Sputnik Chandelier 4. Abstract Oil Painting by Schiller dated 196 5. Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman 6. Taylor L Shape Sectional at Thrive Home Furnishings 7. Kilim Pillows by Suzani at Etsy 8. Mid Century Carved Teak Lamps 9. Boom Metro Coffee Table

I have a running mental tab of everything I want to buy when I graduate law school. It deserves a whole post in itself. ASAP. Just know, that Eames lounge chair and ottoman ranks near the top. I’m not a black leather fan, but I would sell my baby brother for one of these any day. Try me, he’s really cute and all, but really, an Eames lounger? I’ll throw in my Dalaney for the camel leather one.

Also, if you’ve never been to Thrive Furniture, they sell the most gorgeous mid-century modern furniture. You’ll probably notice me refer to the sectionals many more times. I lust after the all their couches which are available in almost every angular shape and color. But if you order any color besides lush turquoise, you’re crazy stupid.

Free Printable: Mustache Invitation

15 Apr

In honor of the mustache moodboard this week, I designed these mustache invitations which you can download and print for free. There are four invitations per page. Print on heavy cardstock for the best results. Enjoy!

Free Mustache Invitation PDF

Free Printable: I Heart Mustaches Cupcake Toppers

15 Apr

In honor of the mustache moodboard this week, I designed these mustache cupcake toppers which you can download and print for free. Each circle is 2″ and should be printed on cardstock. Enjoy!

Mustache Printable Cupcake Toppers PDF

Eli Manning Sighted in His Superbowl Corvette at Walmart

12 Apr

Yesterday, in the parking lot of Walmart we spotted Eli Manning in his 2012 Grand Sport Corvette won at the SuperBowl.  He and his wife met at Ole Miss and live here during the off-season.

His wife was standing next to us in the 20-item or less line. I noticed her because she had a lot more than 20 items and was wearing really stylish, cropped pink skinnies.  We parked the scooter in front of the store, so when we were pulling out, Dalaney spotted Eli who had pulled up to the door with his window down and a darling puppy in the passenger seat. He popped the trunk and his wife loaded the groceries.

So, yes, even Superbowl MVP’s shop at Walmart.

We speculate that he enviously eyed our Vespa so much that he’s planning on buying one and joining our Vespa gang.

You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Grow It

11 Apr

Physical evidence of the mustache. Just so you can understand. And no, despite what it may look like, I didn’t draw that hat on. He is truly wearing it. Word to your mother.

Have you been kind to the lawyers in your life today?

10 Apr

I sure hope so because today is International Be Kind to Lawyers Day!!

Strategically sandwiched between April Fool’s and Tax Day, the annual holiday is the one day where lawyers of every stripe can be honored and treated like normal people for 24 hours.

Unlike other profession-specific holidays such as Hug a Nurse or Hug a Farmer, all a lawyer really asks for is kindness. One day a year. If you’re looking for ways to show gratitude to the special (someday) lawyers in your life, there are numerous suggestions about how to participate.

-Switch your ring tone to the “dah-dah” sound from Law & Order.

-Take notes on a yellow legal pad.

-Watch timeless lawyer movies such as To Kill A Mockingbird or Legally Blonde.

ps. Did you know that revolutionary, notable figures Gandhi and Gerard Butler were lawyers?

I didn’t. But it makes me love them so much more.

Moodboard Monday: An Ode to the Mustache

9 Apr

1. Mustache Key Hook from Benfloeter at Etsy ($45)  2. Secret Agent Mustache Pillow at Squid You Not ($24) 3. Mustache Poster from Handz at Etsy ($19) 4. Mustache Cross Stich Ring from MaMagasin at Etsy ($26) 5. Hand Painted Mustache Toms from CatalindaOfficial at Etsy ($78) 6. Mustache Grower’s Guide book at Amazon ($9) 7. Mustache Dresser from Rob Southcott 8. Mustache Mug from Urban Outfitters ($12) 9. Mustache Rug from Urban Outfitters ($19)

Dalaney has been known to rock a mustache. This board is my homage to his beloved, never-forgotten facial hair.

RIP ‘Stache. You made us laugh and everything was more fun with you there. You were a good friend, and I know we’ll see you again. Probably sooner than we know. Que finals.

Maybe Mustache March will turn into Mustache May. I sure wouldn’t  mind. In fact, to pass the time, I’m now dying to DIY my own mustache dresser.

Hoppy Easter

9 Apr

Happy Easter!

We were out of school on Friday so we ran away to Hattiesburg for the weekend. We shopped, swam, watched movies, and decorated/stuffed/hid/ate eggs. I might have eaten more candy this weekend than one should reasonably allocate for an entire year.

The Easter Bunny (creepster) even broke into my mom’s house and pooped these out for us.

I told my mom that my childhood dream revolved around receiving a name-brand chocolate bunny. Well, childhood dreams really can come true.  At age 23, I was the lucky recipient of a solid, luxury Lindt bunny encased in gold leafing. And don’t panic, there were lots of Cadbury creme eggs along the bottom.

Hope you had a magical Easter!

I survived my oral argument and lived to see another day

5 Apr

Yes, that happened today. Next, a fancy pants law firm in Jackson will host a competition between the top 15 hand-selected 1L oral arguers. There is fame and fortune to be had for the top contenders. In addition to the ca$h money awarded, the top four are invited to join moot court.

Overall, it was a sufficiently humiliating. Throughout your argument the judges intervene with interrogating questions  and provide a lengthy, lengthy critique afterwards.

They complimented me on my vocabulary and natural public speaking voice, but apparently I fidget and look highly uncomfortable. Um, yeah. Sounds pretty accurate to me.

But as Dalaney always reminds me when I’m feeling insecure, at least I’m good at Scramble.

Oh, and this happened. The planning of fall 2012.

Family Law, Evidence, Wills & Estates, and Corporations.

I still need one more class but I’m on the wait-list for Civil Procedure II.

You would have thought it was New Year’s Eve the way we sat next to our computers, counting down the seconds until the clock struck 12. And, literally, my computer froze for maybe 20 seconds and bam! the class vultures swooped in and commandeered every seat. I don’t want to devolve too much online, in fear of someone planning a burglary while we’re MIA studying the law, but I will say there’s a high probability that Dalaney and I will be taking all the same classes.

It’s official. We’re butt stuck. Or just in love. I’m not sure which.

Moodboard Monday: Stylish Modest Swimsuits Under $100

2 Apr

Top Row: Blue Polka Dot Suit at JCrew $84.00, Luck Be a Lacy One Piece at Modcloth $99.99, Beach Honeycomber at ModCloth $89.99, Peppermint Beach Grove at ShabbyApple $70.00, Salinas Seagull at Urban Outfitters $90.00

Middle Row: Billabong Alessa at PacSun $64.00, Junior Navy Sailor at Target $23.00, Shapeshift String Tanksuit at Madewell $90.00, Volcom Flip the Bird at Zappos $86.00, Cocomero at Shabby Apple $88.00,

Bottom Row: Yellow Striped Keyhole at Old Navy $29.94, Black Polka Dot at ASOS $44.76, Retro Pin-up Sailor at Etsy’s TheRedDolly $74.00, Seersucker Ruffle at JCrew $82.00, DKNY One-shoulder Show Me the Stripes at Zappos $89.00

Welcome to the first installment of Monday Mood Boards where I compile trends and pretty things. Today, I’ve scoured the internet looking for the cutest one-piece swimsuits. While I don’t wear one-piece suits probably as often as I should, I can attest that one-piece swimsuits are usually more flattering, comfortable,  and classy than any itty bitty bikini.

I bought one of my one-piece’s at  the end of the season last year for $3 from Old Navy.

Since it’s so difficult to find stylish, modest one-piece suits, I compiled a list of all my go-to places arranged by price.

Happy shopping!