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Peek Inside My Window: Office Pt. 3

8 Mar

Who couldn’t be giddy reading in a room where shadows of pigs are cast against the walls? The only thing better than pig shadows=rotating pig shadows…Maybe Dalaney can make that happen.

Can you believe we only paid $5 for a flying pig chandelier? It was a castaway at Hudson’s Salvage Building Supplies. We were going to spray paint it, but I decided to keep it au natural to help pull in the black futon. I thought it was appropriate since I felt like… “When pigs fly, I’ll be in lawschool” or the prevailing thought these days.. “When pigs fly, someone will hire me as a bona fide lawyer.” And here they are. All dainty and picturesque. Flying!!! The impossible truly is possible.

This is our charming little pencil sharpener modeled after an antique crank telephone. I found it in my grandmother’s house after she died, and I knew it was fate.  But yes, we really do use it to sharpen our wooden pencils. Law school finals are old-school paper and pencil.

I’m lusting after this library sign to put above the door. I would have already splurged, but…It’s. just. so. tiny. 2ft long. They do a good job of disguising its miniscule size there. But then again, I am a firm believer that bigger is usually better.