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Adventures at Crystal Bridges

29 Feb

Our nephew got baptized Sunday and Dalaney’s parents flew in for the Arkansas festivities. We played Scategories and I won. We shopped and I bought 2 sweaters for $4.88 each at Loft. Another win. We went to an American art museum. A cultural enriching win.

A bust of Alexander Hamilton who apparently looked just like Mr. Schuster.

Me with Mary Cassatt’s The Reader.Ole’ Mary reminds of me of my Momma. Remember your Cassatt print above the bathtub at Crescent Ridge?

The original Rosie the Riverter by Norman Rockwell. Why I don’t have a picture of myself flexing next to it, I’ll never know. Oh yeah, I chickened out. Throngs and throngs of people were surrounding it, snapping away. And now I regret not jumping in front of them and just doing my thing.

I don’t remember who this is by, but we’ll just refer to it as The Ultimate Put A Bird On It. It’s relieving to know there is someone out there who puts birds on things 1,000x more times than me.

Failure to take more pictures? Epic fail.