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Peek Inside My Window: Office Pt 2

7 Mar

There are so many fun things I love about our office.

I got the Crate & Barrel tabletops 90% off at Hudson’s. I think I paid $35-$40 each. I bought them more than a year ago and stashed them in my parent’s garage because they’re so cool. They’re really modern with a white lacquer sheen. When we went to assemble them, they were missing legs. Table legs are the kind of things you miss out on when you salvage shop. But really, who needs ’em? Obviously not us. Instead, Dalaney bracketed the desks to the wall.

Santa Claus brought me the Eames look-alike chairs . They comfortably encompass you like a giant womb without all the gross gunk. I ❤ the wood dowel legs which play off the wooden floors, jute rug, and white chair finish.

I love the texture the rug adds to the room. I’ve never seen one like it. It’s a jute rug with strips of woven brown leather, and we bought it for $12.99. When we dug the rug out of the salvage rubble, it was filthy. I googled “cleaning jute rug” and did my best to carefully clean her.

Dalaney also built the bookshelf out of industrial metal pipes, and its uh-mazing.

I still want to get our undergrad diplomas professionally framed for below the shelf. Dalaney did a Spanish study abroad in Spain and they awarded this diploma to “Mr. Balaney Mechaun”….I love me some Balaney. Love, Mrs. Mechaun.

We also got the black Target futon around the same time as the desks for $20 at Dirt Cheap. It too sat patiently in my parent’s garage. It converts into a sleeper, but will cause severe body pain because it is so uncomfortable. So far, every one who has used it has yet to return to visit.