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Spring break=parttty

22 Mar

A student lifestyle is rarely worthy of covetry. But last week we enjoyed one of the few pleasures afforded to students (with the unfortunate exception of BYU), spring breakkkkk!!!

Don’t be surprised if you spot me topless in a commercial for Girls Gone Wild: Spring Break Edition. Or arrested for robbing a high roller casino. Or partying so hard that I’m knocked out and kidnapped in Aruba. Because these are all appropriate spring break activities. At least that’s what I hear.

Anyways, my aunt Emmie visited with her five adorable kids. We went antique shopping, watched our fair share of family friendly RedBox rentals, threw anything and everything in her Fry Daddy, and watched Honey Boo Boo Child countless times on YouTube. “Dolla make me holla” was our week long mantra. So much so, that we even had her 3 year old, Ella, repeating it loudly. You can bet I was a proud cousin.

While antiquing, I fell madly in love with this handy dandy sunglasses holder. It is beautiful and disgusting all at once. And..it would look perfect in my closet. But alas, the $75 price tag and the judgemental judging deterred me.


Then we decided a Spring Break is not a success without a beach visit. So, we surprised my mom by showing up at her newly purchased beach cottage in Gulf Shores where I continued to eat more fried food, reread Hunger Games, bask in the sun, capture and kill jellyfish, and snuggle with my mommy dearest.


Isn’t my brother a cutie? P.S. Mom: Excuse me for appropriating your adorable, but topless son’s image to all the dirty world. In torts today we discussed privacy cause of actions. Just so you know, you can’t sue me since this blog is (unfortunately) not commercial.


Apparently someone took our picture with my phone. I took our camera, but once we arrived I realized that I never put the memory card back. Oops.


We loved celebrating semi-freedom (despite the looming appellate brief, oral argument, and exam deadlines). In fact, I learned that I have the unique ability, when chosen, to remove myself 100% from the worries of law school. What can I say, it’s a talent. A talent with short-term benefits and semi-quasi-long-term consequences.

But now, with physical reminders of reading assignments, required speakers, meetings, and deadlines, I’m back in the game. Which I literally view as a game. Another unique ability. So, in an effort not to lose at the unending game of law school, I must keep studying. Ciao.