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You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Grow It

11 Apr

Physical evidence of the mustache. Just so you can understand. And no, despite what it may look like, I didn’t draw that hat on. He is truly wearing it. Word to your mother.

Moodboard Monday: An Ode to the Mustache

9 Apr

1. Mustache Key Hook from Benfloeter at Etsy ($45)  2. Secret Agent Mustache Pillow at Squid You Not ($24) 3. Mustache Poster from Handz at Etsy ($19) 4. Mustache Cross Stich Ring from MaMagasin at Etsy ($26) 5. Hand Painted Mustache Toms from CatalindaOfficial at Etsy ($78) 6. Mustache Grower’s Guide book at Amazon ($9) 7. Mustache Dresser from Rob Southcott 8. Mustache Mug from Urban Outfitters ($12) 9. Mustache Rug from Urban Outfitters ($19)

Dalaney has been known to rock a mustache. This board is my homage to his beloved, never-forgotten facial hair.

RIP ‘Stache. You made us laugh and everything was more fun with you there. You were a good friend, and I know we’ll see you again. Probably sooner than we know. Que finals.

Maybe Mustache March will turn into Mustache May. I sure wouldn’t  mind. In fact, to pass the time, I’m now dying to DIY my own mustache dresser.