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My brain has yet to explode, yippee.

4 May

Are you wondering if you’ll ever get to see the rest of my house tour? Yes. Yes, you will.

I haven’t forgotten, and I’m not hiding it from you.

Some of the current obstacles are filth, filth, and more filth. Finals happen, and it’s like a nuclear meltdown over here. Any healthy habits/routines we may  establish during the semester (think stacking dirty dishes, doing laundry, showering, or picking clementine skins off the table) pretty much dissolve into thin air.

Another reason I haven’t posted is because I struggle with lighting and angles. I need some solid camera skills.

I’ll admit, I am embarrassed by two things: my bed lacks a headboard and  my guest bed is just a mattress on the floor. A memory foam mattress, might you have. I’m just too prideful to show a bedroom with a bed lacking any beauty.

Dalaney got a jigsaw for Christmas, and I have a headboard design in mind. Think Don & Betty’s velvet, tufted headboard in Mad Men.

And just so you’re not too concerned about our drab existence, we do have pretty bedding. It’s the Echo Jaipur king bedding set which I bought at Treasure Hunt for $50. I felt validated because the next month Young House Love featured the bedding on their “things we dig” sidebar. Plus, it normally costs $200.

Can I just reiterate that pictures do not do this comforter justice?

In person,  the colors are much more vibrant. I typically steer clear of anything associated with the color red, but this bedding makes me question everything I’ve ever believed. And it turns out, to any fellow red skeptics out there, it’s all a lie. Red is more than just the color of blood. Just don’t get me near maroon or burgundy. Ew.

Here’s a shot of Dalaney and I before bedtime.

Actually, I just found the picture online because apparently our bedding made a special appearance on an ABC sitcom which debuts this fall. YHL and ABC??! We’re basically famous.

So, yes, I commit to posting actual DIYs and finishing posting pictures of my  in-progress house. The only thing standing in the way are two more finals (yay, half-way done!!).  Also, this summer I am devoting myself to transforming my ugly kitchen into a pretty little thing for under $1,000. And in 10 days, I’ll be relaxing at the beach!! There is a light at the end of this winding law school tunnel..


Things that Keep Me “Sane” During Finals

28 Apr

Well, finals season is here again.

Here are some of the things that I’ve come to rely on for inspiration, motivation, and pure lustification. AKA the finer things of life.

These pretty pinatas from Confetti Systems make me want to redo my entire wedding using only confetti, metallics, sequins, and mylar pinatas. I would require all my guests to adhere to a strict dress code of all of the above.

These beauties encourage me to study harder because I tell myself, “Hannah, if you don’t memorize all 47 pages of class outline, 300 note cards, and 15 pages of graphs for Constitutional Law, you’ll never be rich enough to spend $150 on a gold, diamond pinata filled with confetti.”

Who doesn’t want to make mini-waffle furniture molds? I warned my mom last semester that if I wasn’t in law school, I could envision myself building a custom mid-century modern doll house. It scared both of us, so I haven’t brought it up since. But then Pinterest goes and flaunts these mini molds and the  small corner of my brain that wants to create a doll house floods into the entirety of my brain reserved for memorizing substantive due process and Commerce Clause scenarios. Um, can you say mid-century modern EDIBLE doll house?

And lastly, I am on a mission to collect every animal print blouse ever manufactured. I have to specify “blouse” because they must exude a higher level of maturity than any plain ole’ playful character tee. So, animal=animal silhouette. Gotta keep it classy.

Here’s what I mean:

Elephant print  blouse via ASOS.

Dog print blouse via Old Navy.

Horse print blouse via South Moon Under.

If you’re’ thinking, “WOW, all these blouses look the same” you might be right. But I don’t care!!!

The formula for these shirts= chiffon, silk, or polyester+ironic animal+ repeat ironic animal silhouette across entire fabric + vary color.

To even locate these shirts, all I did was think of  cutesy animal (ie: elephant) and type “elephant print blouse” or “horse print blouse.”

So far, I own a cat print and a swan print.

If someone offered me the choice between a 4.0 this semester or the opportunity to wear a new animal print blouse every day for as long as I so please, I might just take the animal print.