Taking it to the Hoop

26 Feb

Sometimes you just have to throw your home decorating pride aside and embrace fun+ction. In this case, it didn’t take much to convince me.

We’ve had an empty spot in our TV room behind our sectional. I envisioned a glorious air hockey table here, but I wanted to steer clear of plastic. After more than a year of Craigslist hunting, I gave up on my dreams of a weighty retro table and we’re now the owners of this baby:


We bought a ginormously tacky electronic basketball game  for $10 bucks!!!! No, we aren’t frat brothers and no, we don’t have children. We just like fun things.

We removed the nets because the balls get stuck. Yes, we are that hardcore. Dalaney keeps trying to force technique and form on me, but so far I just thrust the balls and, surprisingly, I am a force to be reckoned with!!


We live in a forest

2 Mar

Can you believe it’s March???!!! Aghhhh… So far, 2012 has been one giant blur. Until September I’ll continue writing 2011, only to have it soon change it again. Oops.

I am looking forward to this: Lush green shrubbery.

This is a picture of our side yard that was listed in the MLS. It is one of the main reasons I feel in love with this gem of a house.  Since we didn’t move in until the end of the summer and I’ve only seen the yard buried in three feet of leaves, I’m excited to watch our yard transform. I do know there are blue hydrangeas in the front waiting to bloom. The hydrangeas know that I’m positioned to pounce, just waiting to cut them down and put them in thrift store vases.

Oddly enough, that little dirt path leads to a mysterious swimming pool. When we toured the house, I couldn’t help but hope… maybe the pool belongs with the house. How could they forget to mention a pool? Sadly, it does not. Nor is it a community pool.

Apparently someone simply purchased the empty lot and built a stand-alone pool. We occasionally see an elderly gentleman drive down said dirt road and park his truck. For the first few weeks I wondered if he was a spy hired to watch us. Or  secretly smoking a doobie. Or meeting his young mistress. Or even meeting a mister. After Dalaney suggested that the man was only checking the pool chemicals, I became entirely less interested in the man’s coming and goings.

Now that summer is quickly approaching, I’m interested again. Despite his posted “No Trespassing” sign, I need to strategically position myself near the area  during his visits in order to build a lasting friendship resulting in unlimited pool usage.

And if no invitation is extended, I might have to start tolling the adverse possession clock.